The Google Ad

Everyone talks about Google taking over every business that they move in to. Most of the conversation is about their dominance, their size, their goal to get all the world’s information. We speculate about their moves and their motives. Lately, we’ve even begun to take their search engine to task saying that keywords have run their course.

They know all of this, of course. But they did not address it. Not directly anyway.

What they chose to do is put themselves right in the middle of life. Not everyone’s life either – just their little part of one particular drama. They just showed how the simple thing that they do – help you find information on the web – helps in so many important moments in life.

This is brilliant advertising.

And it is by a company that did not need to build awareness or grow share. They have all of those that they need.

No, this was meant to show how something as simple as a search engine can help facilitate something elusive and tender and human as a budding romance come about. It is a brilliant piece of film. Fully branded, perfectly scored. Spot on emotionally.

For all the talk about the capital “c” Conversation in marketing, and all the hyperbole about the ruination of the :30 spot. This reinforced the power of the medium of film to deliver what no conversation ever could. It moves you emotionally. It conjured up a story – completely in our heads – that we all wanted to be a part of (even football guys in some small way).

It opened up the heart to emotions we’d never associated with Google.

And it didn’t need a baby or a monkey or a Clydesdale to do it.