Google Buzz Ain't So Bad

5 Reasons Google Buzz Is Not As Bad As Everyone Thinks

I’m noticing a trend — many (most?) of the people moaning about Google Buzz have not actually created a product of their own and put it out there. Five thoughts…

The Google Ad

Image via CrunchBase I have not read any of the commentary about the Google ad yet, and for a reason. I wanted to get down my opinions of it untainted

Improving your Skilz

My buddy Bryson Moore is a talented individual who runs marketing for the Soderquist Center. He’s also got a media background and a lot of great ideas. His latest is

Office culture as social media (aka. how-to become part of a culture)

I’m working on site for a new client this week. We are thinking about online and social media strategies (officially), but I am thinking (actually) about working in an office