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Blog | Sean L. Womack

Confessions of an Idea Junkie

This is where Sean Womack shares findings, insights and ideas.

Anti-microbial tray liner?

So, my tray table on US Air has this hideous ad. Some questions: 1. Was my flight cheaper because of this? 2. Who sells this for them – the in flight magazine? 3. What is an anti-microbial tray liner? It was the most interesting part of the ad, but no mention of... read more

Now What?

Been thinking about what to write next and have too many ideas, so I’ll just put them all out here, and see if anyone is reading and cares: 1. The Seven Brand Archetypes 2. How Ideas Take Shape 3. Communication Architecture (con’t) 4. The Top 10 Book &... read more

Sifting my Dunbar number out of siloed data

You’ve probably heard more than you care to about the Dunbar number – the idea in sociology that you cannot maintain more than 150 real friendships. I began to wonder about myself. How many people do I really contact in a given period of time – say a month? This... read more

What is an hour of your attention worth?

Read the very disappointing cover story on my new Fortune magazine that came in the mail today. I’ll post more about it with observations when I have more time. But Jeff Jarvis was interviewed for the story and he had an interesting comment about attention. It... read more

The 4-to-1 Ratio

Image via Wikipedia We have a 4:1 input to output ratio on our head — why is it so hard to use them in this proportion? Seeing and Hearing are art forms. Really Seeing and really Hearing are anyway. The act of observation. The art of listening. Even when we listen we... read more

Jeff Jarvis & Jaiku’s Founder discuss Google Buzz

Jyri Engeström, the founder of Jaiku, is a brilliant thinker who has the best thoughts on Buzz that I've heard to date. Jarvis adds a bit to the conversation, but it's worth just running this in the background while you work for Jyri's insights. Listen to... read more

Deconstruction instead of brainstorming

Brainstorming is taught as the primary tool for creative thinking. The problem is it doesn’t work. Don’t get me wrong. There are some who do it well. IDEO is legendary for their ability to brainstorm. They have rules painted on the walls. Everyone learns... read more

Where Kevin Rose’s idea for Digg was born

via img214.imageshack.us Just saw this on Bryson Moore’s blog, and think it is a great photo for a three reasons: 1. It shows the power of thinking visually. 2. It shows how to get ideas down on paper. 3. It shows that tools you love help facilitate #1 and #2. I... read more

The Google Ad

Image via CrunchBase I have not read any of the commentary about the Google ad yet, and for a reason. I wanted to get down my opinions of it untainted by anyone else’s opinions because I’ve rarely seen something that so defied my expectations. Everyone... read more

Comcast Launches XFINITY

via blog.comcast.com Hmmm…we never like these changes, and it’s always easy to take a cheap shot at rebrands. I’m remembering back to Anderson Consulting’s shift to Accenture and how hated it was. Now, Accenture seems like it’s been here... read more

Demoted to Gold

Image via Wikipedia American Airlines demoted me to Gold. I got a very nice pre-printed letter in the mail informing me that I did not qualify for Platinum status any more. They said that if I wanted to pay either $549 or $629 to reinstate my Platinum status then I... read more

Communication Architecture, Pt. 3

Part 3 on the Comm. Arch. model that I’ve been developing and using with clients. The reason I’ve been working on this is to try and develop a strategic dashboard that will help CEO’s and CMO’s manage their end of the communication, content and... read more

Communication Architecture, Pt. 2

This model is a tool, but it is not a perfect one. For starters, I don’t like the name of it. And not just because it is too long and sounds a bit self-important (guilty on both accounts). No, what really bothers me is that it seems to be about communication,... read more

Sawhorse Media

One of the “Professional Digital Curators” pointed out by @SteveRubel. As content continues to proliferate, we are going to need people (that we trust) sorting and sifting through all of this content and bringing forward the best of the best. There are... read more

How Ideas Take Shape

Ideas do not come into the world fully formed. They take shape. This drawing is a model for bringing ideas to life. It is based on the acronym for Shape — See, Hear, Ask, Play, Engage. I used to hate acronyms until I studied the word. It is Greek and literally means... read more

Communication Architecture, Pt. 1

This whole communication thing has gotten really complicated. I’m speaking now about the profession of communications, which I’ve worked in for nearly two decades now. We all know about the proliferation of media, and we know that communication shops (i.e.... read more

Improving your Skilz

My buddy Bryson Moore is a talented individual who runs marketing for the Soderquist Center. He’s also got a media background and a lot of great ideas. His latest is called Leadership Skilz. It’s a video series to help you improve – ahem – as a leader.... read more

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