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One of the “Professional Digital Curators” pointed out by @SteveRubel. As content continues to proliferate, we are going to need people (that we trust) sorting and sifting through all of this content and bringing forward the best of the best. There are semantic engines working on this (, and a great topical social network (dorthy.comdisclosure: they are a client) doing this work, but there’s nothing like a human filter. I guess we call them editors, huh? And boy do we need them — now more than ever.

It’s one thing to list ranks ( of top sites, but it’s quite another to personally aggregate a collection of resources. This is the front-end of a trend that is taking over everywhere. Magazines like Monocle and even retailers like Colette in Paris have been curating products and ideas. But we are in desperate need of solutions beyond keywords to catalog the universe online.

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