No one seems to know why GAP changed it's iconic logo.

3 Reasons GAP logo is just plain wrong.

  If you haven’t heard (or don’t really care about such things), then let me be the first to tell you. GAP has a hideous new logo. No one knows

Walter Landor Talking First Moment of Truth – 50 Years Ago!

[videos file=”″ width=”500″ height=”375″][/videos] My friends over at DOXA turned me onto this video. I am struck my a number of things in it: 1. There is nothing new under

Tiffany & Co should not be on Facebook

Steve Rubel’s recent post on the ubiquity of social networking, and how all luxury brands need to figure it out NOW misses two fundamental issues. One about social and the

Scott Belsky's Making Ideas Happen

Just read: Scott Belsky’s Making Ideas Happen

I met Scott Belsky last fall at a conference and then spent a little time with him in NYC recently. He was kind enough to send me an advance copy

Anti-microbial tray liner?

So, my tray table on US Air has this hideous ad. Some questions: 1. Was my flight cheaper because of this? 2. Who sells this for them – the in

Now What?

Been thinking about what to write next and have too many ideas, so I’ll just put them all out here, and see if anyone is reading and cares: 1. The

Sifting my Dunbar number out of siloed data

You’ve probably heard more than you care to about the Dunbar number – the idea in sociology that you cannot maintain more than 150 real friendships. I began to wonder

What is an hour of your attention worth?

Read the very disappointing cover story on my new Fortune magazine that came in the mail today. I’ll post more about it with observations when I have more time. But

The 4-to-1 Ratio

Image via Wikipedia We have a 4:1 input to output ratio on our head — why is it so hard to use them in this proportion? Seeing and Hearing are