Apple is boring.

Apple is boring…and they seem not to care [SATIRE]

This post originally ran on LinkedIn. Apple might be the most straight-forward, boring brand in the world. But they don’t seem to know it. Their emails and print ads have

Is Your Brand Clear As MUD? It Should Be.

I made this video for a class I designed and taught for the Soderquist College of Business at JBU. The class is about customer value, and it builds from this

Hideous Moleskine Direct Mail

I love Moleskine, but I loathe their ads!

I bought my first one more than 13 years ago, but every time I get these hideous email ads, it diminishes my love for this brand just a bit more.

No one seems to know why GAP changed it's iconic logo.

3 Reasons GAP logo is just plain wrong.

  If you haven’t heard (or don’t really care about such things), then let me be the first to tell you. GAP has a hideous new logo. No one knows

Tiffany & Co should not be on Facebook

Steve Rubel’s recent post on the ubiquity of social networking, and how all luxury brands need to figure it out NOW misses two fundamental issues. One about social and the

The Google Ad

Image via CrunchBase I have not read any of the commentary about the Google ad yet, and for a reason. I wanted to get down my opinions of it untainted

Comcast Launches XFINITY

via Hmmm…we never like these changes, and it’s always easy to take a cheap shot at rebrands. I’m remembering back to Anderson Consulting’s shift to Accenture and how hated

Communication Architecture, Pt. 3

Part 3 on the Comm. Arch. model that I’ve been developing and using with clients. The reason I’ve been working on this is to try and develop a strategic dashboard

Communication Architecture, Pt. 2

This model is a tool, but it is not a perfect one. For starters, I don’t like the name of it. And not just because it is too long and