Where Kevin Rose’s idea for Digg was born

via Just saw this on Bryson Moore’s blog, and think it is a great photo for a three reasons: 1. It shows the power of thinking visually. 2. It

Sawhorse Media

One of the “Professional Digital Curators” pointed out by @SteveRubel. As content continues to proliferate, we are going to need people (that we trust) sorting and sifting through all of

How Ideas Take Shape

Ideas do not come into the world fully formed. They take shape. This drawing is a model for bringing ideas to life. It is based on the acronym for Shape

Improving your Skilz

My buddy Bryson Moore is a talented individual who runs marketing for the Soderquist Center. He’s also got a media background and a lot of great ideas. His latest is

Office culture as social media (aka. how-to become part of a culture)

I’m working on site for a new client this week. We are thinking about online and social media strategies (officially), but I am thinking (actually) about working in an office

DIY web 2.0 agency presence (without a staff or an agency)

Yeah, I know…poor me, huh? Okay, so first things first – we have the url secured and the WordPress template (I’m using Thesis from DIY) loaded and functional. But I

Doing versus thinking…

It’s really nice to just sit and think about things – to roll them around in your mind, take them apart and reconstruct them in various ways. In a way,