Here is the dreaded identity page (aka. About Page). Or in this case, the cleverly titled, but impossible to write “Who I Am.” I do this for companies of all shapes and sizes, so why is it so hard to do for myself? The curse of knowledge, I suppose. How do you strip away all of the uninteresting, unimportant aspects of yourself until just the essence remains? You don’t.

Then do you focus on one set of information like accomplishments? Sean helped this company and that company. He won this and that award. How about the roles you play in life? Sean is the blessed husband of Shelley and proud father of three biological and three adopted children. Education? He went to JBU in undergrad on a Presidential scholarship and then got his MFA at USC’s famed film school winning the Mary Pickford Scholarship and the Robert S. Ferguson marketing award. Or do you list the litany of companies and brands he’s worked on? List out my vision for the future of all things? Talk about impressive projects? Clever anecdotes? Witty aphorisms? Pack it full of keywords so people find me in Google search? The truth is I don’t know, and there is no right answer. I’m just going to write something. Then I’ll keep fiddling with it endlessly. Here it is.

I am an idea junkie. There I said it. That’s supposed to be the first step. Admitting it. I love ideas. Especially new ones. I read about them, study where they come from, and work on developing them. I have spent the last 20+ years creating ideas for various businesses – my own and others. Right now, I am focused on helping businesses, brands and organizations develop unique and valuable ideas so they can innovate and grow.

Over the past 20+ years, my work has been to create, innovate and develop businesses, brands, products and services. This has taken various shapes from working in product development at a social expression company to launching a magazine for a boutique consulting firm to helping found and grow three different agencies that focused on entertainment marketing, shopper marketing and video content marketing respectively. My consulting firm, TBD Inc., is a brand studio that develops brands and brand content.

I am also very excited about the recent launch of TBD Labs™. TBD Labs help businesses, brands and organizations develop unique and valuable ideas so they can innovate and grow. There are four types labs that we run: Innovation, Brand, Story and Idea Labs. Each lab consists of a series of half-day sessions, which are designed based on the latest research in group collaboration and creativity. They are an intense, focused series of conversations built to generate useful insights and valuable ideas. Labs are great for creating business ideas, new products, new value for consumers, unique and differentiated brands, promotional ideas, communication strategies and clear stories for you, your brand or your organization.

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