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3 Reasons GAP logo is just plain wrong.

3 Reasons GAP logo is just plain wrong.


If you haven’t heard (or don’t really care about such things), then let me be the first to tell you. GAP has a hideous new logo. No one knows why GAP changed their iconic brand. And it seems that no one likes it.

I’m not a fan. Here’s why:

  1. Rule One in Brand: DO NOT CHANGE WHAT WORKS. The original GAP logo is iconic, fresh and relevant even after all these years. In retail, the merchandise is everything. And only a brand struggling with its image either because of consumer perception or because it just feels dated should do anything about it. I challenge anyone to find one thing wrong with their previous logo. It was near perfect.
  2. The GAP brand stands for classics and the logo was a classic. This new version is a nod to…digital(?), update(?), shift in…I got nothing. It does seem like the fall collection is a departure from the fresh, relevant classics that they built their brand upon…remember when Old Navy tried this? Denim, khakis, white shirts and black T’s are the Gap. And the brand served as a neutral container for their apparel…now it is just getting in the way. The white studio like walls replaces with brand logo as artwork that is distracting…but I digress.
  3. You cannot just sneak out a new logo. The fact that the company is not saying anything about it, and just emailed out the new logo on promotional emails without explanation or fanfare shows that at least the marketing department at the GAP may be out of touch with the new realities of marketing. Like the fact that the web is buzzing about it, and GAP is not at the party. Perhaps this is the most telling thing in all of it, and the reason why we might expect this kind of base-less left turn.

I’m a fan of brand refreshing, but for the right reasons, at the right time, and with the right rollout. This seems to be none of the above.