Google Buzz Ain't So Bad

5 Reasons Google Buzz Is Not As Bad As Everyone Thinks

I’m noticing a trend — many (most?) of the people moaning about Google Buzz have not actually created a product of their own and put it out there. Five thoughts…

  1. It was smart for Google to get into the space now (i.e. Titan is coming).
  2. It was smart for them to integrate it into an existing platform (versus yet another – ff anyone?).
  3. It will be smart if they continue to make it work better (see – if you subscribe…grrr).
  4. It will be smart if they do that quickly (time will tell).
  5. It is smart that Mashable (and a few others), are engaging in the space.

Those who are engaging vs. bemoaning are doing two things for all of us:

  1. Making the product better through real use not speculation, and
  2. Showing us ways to use the product well right now

The longer I work in the world of ideas, the more I realize that actually rolling up your sleeves and doing something: making a product, building a website, writing a paper – or even a blog post – is better than not doing anything.

Hats off to Mashable for always embracing the new, and helping us figure out how we can use it. They have a bias toward action that is admirable.

Is anyone else doing anything interesting with Buzz right now? (complainers need not apply)

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