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Comcast Launches XFINITY

Hmmm…we never like these changes, and it’s always easy to take a cheap shot at rebrands. I’m remembering back to Anderson Consulting’s shift to Accenture and how hated it was. Now, Accenture seems like it’s been here forever.

Same with this shift — Comcast to xfinity — it’s not hard to imagine how the selling of this went internally. Link to infinity and all the choices. The “x” is about a crossroads or intersection of services — or even alluding to an x-ray. I’ve done enough of these pitches to know the spiel.

At the end of the day, renaming does a couple of things. First, it gives us something to write, moan, complain, pontificate, critique about, and second, it does signal change. We can act like it doesn’t or that no one cares, but it does signal it and it works.

So, laugh or criticize all you like, but in a few years, we’ll forget that they used to be comcast. Because a name is an empty container that must be filled with meaning. If they deliver on promise to customers, then the name will be meaningful. If you don’t, then no name will save you.

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