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My Top 5 tools of the trade

Without a doubt, these are the five items I would not try and run my business without:

  1. uni-ball Gel Impact (not RT) 1.0mm tip pens. I’d by refills by the case load if I could. You can get them at Office Depot, which I love except their rewards program is horrible.
  2. Moo.com cards. I got turned on to these by Seth Godin. I ordered them immediately. You can order 50 cards and have 50 different images on the back. Incredible quality and service. And they are in the US now, so shipping costs less. I took my 50 photos with my next tool:
  3. My iPhone. No, it’s not a very original answer, but I’m rocking an old school, day one iPhone that I stood in line for at my local AT&T store. I still remember the small crowds that would gather in the airport to look at it those first weeks. Favorite apps: WSJ, NYT, Kindle, Logos, TripIt, FlightTracker PRO, New LinkedIn (old was awful), Fandango, Kayak, Banking, ActionMethod, Mint.com, RedLaser (more the idea than the app, it’s not great on a Gen 1 phone), Shazam, Tweetie and WordPress (and Tumblr is a cool interface), and CameraBag (I took all my site photos with it); Some games: Bloom, SlightControl, Fieldrunners, geoDefense and Spider.
  4. My MacBook. The black 13″ one. I love their titanium products, but there’s something about this black that I like better. I live in Google via Firefox (I’ve tried Chrome, but not found enough compatibility with some sites & services yet). I also have it integrated with my next favorite…
  5. Action Method products and digital tools. My new friend Scott Belsky’s (founder of Behance) incredibly crafted products (now available at B&N) and his intuitive project-based to-do methods fits creative types better that the context-based GTD system – especially if you work and your home are the same location.
  6. Okay, so I have to list a few others: Moleskine Journals (I met the US team leader last year, I felt like I was meeting a rock star and learned that I’ve been using the journals since they were first available in the US. When I die, they will be my inheritance to my children), binder clips (near addiction), index cards (5 x 8), my LiveScribe pen (although it doesn’t get that much use), and my Label Maker (thanks David Allen).

Now that I’ve started this, I realize that there are a lot more. I’ll post others like Time Machine and iDisk for back-ups in the cloud, my AT&T U-Verse internet, Google Voice, etc.