Apple is boring.

Apple is boring…and they seem not to care [SATIRE]

This post originally ran on LinkedIn. Apple might be the most straight-forward, boring brand in the world. But they don’t seem to know it. Their emails and print ads have

Warning: Not Everything Has A Story

When bad things happen, we want to find a cause. This is a dangerous habit. When something bad happens there can only be two scenarios: 1. There is someone or

Three Reasons Brainstorming Doesn’t Work – And What You Can Do About It

I’ve written here before that I don’t think brainstorming works. My opinion is based on 20+ years of experience running groups whose job it was to generate ideas. It didn’t

Is Your Brand Clear As MUD? It Should Be.

I made this video for a class I designed and taught for the Soderquist College of Business at JBU. The class is about customer value, and it builds from this

Ed Catmull's book Creativity, Inc.

Confessions of an Idea Junkie

Reading Ed Catmull’s book, Creativity Inc., about building the creative culture at Pixar.

Hideous Moleskine Direct Mail

I love Moleskine, but I loathe their ads!

I bought my first one more than 13 years ago, but every time I get these hideous email ads, it diminishes my love for this brand just a bit more.

You are the camera, not the actor.

We are not characters in our own story

You are not an actor in the story of your life, you are the camera. You are an actor in the story of others.

What we do to make money.

What We Say We Are (& What We Do To Make Money)

I think of my identity more about what I do to make money rather than who I am as a person. Why is this?

Lessons along the journey

43 Lessons From My 43 Years

I turned 43 and shared 43 lessons that I’ve learned in life so far.

Zombie Apocalypse Making the CDC Interesting

Okay, so every now and then something comes along that you cannot help but comment on. The new CDC blog post about what to do in case of a Zombie